Ocean Grove United is dedicated to fairness
  and equality. We are committed to involving
  the whole community in the celebration and 
  enhancement of diversity and harmony in
  Ocean Grove. 

Bridging Community Engagement and Lottery Participation

As we continue to foster inclusiveness and mutual respect within the community, we're always exploring new ways to engage our neighbors and generate resources for our projects. One such opportunity lies with the New Jersey Lottery, a state-run organization that contributes a significant portion of its revenue to valuable causes in education, institutions, and state services. Participation in the lottery is not just a chance to win; it's also a contribution to the betterment of our state.

In our commitment to community welfare, we also wish to promote responsible lottery participation. It's essential to remember that while the lottery can be a fun activity and a potential source of funding, it should always be approached with discretion. To that end, we aim to host workshops and informational sessions in collaboration with the New Jersey Lottery to educate our community about responsible play. Furthermore, we want to emphasize the importance of checking winning numbers only from official sources to avoid scams and misinformation.


Ocean Grove United played a leading role in organizing the 2013 Town Picnic, a significant community-focused event  consistent with our mission.